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Developing experiences to interact with healthcare easier

SumHealth is a single platform for patients, providers, and healthcare systems. We simplify healthcare for anyone to use by making the modern system easy to engage with.

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"Well organized, user-friendly platform design"

“This simplifies the process of finding specialists for patients immediately, without having to go through a bunch of Google results!”

Dr. Niraj Patel, DO
Physician Executive

"A high quality, patient-centric healthcare experience."

"Integrating SumHealth into my practice will transform physician search and referral processes, adding speed and accuracy. With SumHealth's direct communication features, consultations between health professionals can be swift and responsive, ensuring a high-quality, patient-centric healthcare experience."

Dr. David Hardin, MD
Chief Medical Officer

"A game-changer for my independent pharmacy"

"SumHealth's provider search has been a game-changer for my independent pharmacy. The ease with which I can find physicians, specialists, and healthcare providers in our local area has been a significant catalyst for growth in referrals and revenue!"

Dr. Nik Tailor, PharmD
Independent Pharmacy Owner

A total healthcare platform that doesn't break the bank

Access industry-class tools designed to seamlessly present and engage with the healthcare system, facilitating informed and accommodating decisions for patients, hospitals, and practices alike.

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SumHealth is built for providers, payers, and patients

Whether you're a healthcare provider delivering quality care, a payer ensuring seamless processes, or a patient seeking personalized services, SumHealth brings innovative solutions that cater to each stakeholder's requirements, fostering a connected and empowered healthcare ecosystem.