Hospital Price Transparency | Phase II enforcement begins July 1, 2024.
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Generative AI For Healthcare

Implementing LLMs securely within healthcare systems, trained with hospital-specific data, can reduce costs and optimize processes. We are fostering a shift from reactive to proactive healthcare models.

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Transform with Meditron-70B

SumHealth leverages the advanced capabilities of the Meditron-70B LLM, surpassing not only open-source models but also outperforming closed alternatives like GPT-3.5 and Med-PaLM.

The Meditron-70B LLM was trained on:

Internationally-recognized Clinical Guidelines for comprehensive healthcare insights.

16.1 Million

Medical paper abstracts from PubMed and PubMed Central

5 Million

Full-text articles from publicly available PubMed and PubMed Central papers

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