Hospital Price Transparency | Phase II enforcement begins July 1, 2024.
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We are on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by providing transparency and understanding to the intricate web of healthcare costs.

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Our intuitive, customizable webtool not only meets current legal requirements but is built to update with future regulations quickly. Say goodbye to unapproachable experiences for your patients. Empower them to make the right choice through choosing your care system.

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Compliance is Easy,
Fines Are Not.

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) emphasizes hospital compliance with price transparency requirements, aiming to make it effortless for individuals to access details about hospital charges for services and items. The agency is intensifying its efforts to address violations of hospital price transparency and has begun imposing substantial fines.


Number of hospitals fined for alleged price transparency violations, as of Sept. 19.


The largest fine levied against a hospital (Jacksonville, Fla.-based UF Health North).


The smallest fine levied against a hospital (Samaritan Hospital - Albany (N.Y.) Memorial Campus).

CMS Fine Calculator

Simply input your hospital size and the number of days of non-compliance to see the maximum annual fine your institution may face.

Hospital Fines Calculator

Potential Maximum Fine:

*Potential maximum fines are an estimate based on publicly available date from CMS.

Fast Track Hospital Price Transparency Compliance

SumHealth offers a dynamic price transparency solution, swiftly tailored to meet the unique needs of any hospital. This adaptable solution ensures a rapid and efficient customization process, allowing hospitals to seamlessly integrate comprehensive transparency features designed specifically for their individual requirements.

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